A new service being offered as part of GEM’s oil field systems and designs is turnkey saltwater disposal. 

Saltwater disposal wells are a safe way to manage the byproducts of oil and gas production. To ensure the environment is not contaminated, saltwater disposal wells have unique construction requirements. We currently focus on the disposal of flowback and produced water waste fluids (collectively referred to in the industry as ‘‘saltwater’’), which includes brinish fluids returned to the surface during a well’s completion and production phases. The timely disposal of these fluids is required by oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, or producers, during the lifespan of their producing oil and natural gas wells and with each new oil and natural gas well drilled and completed. 

GEM designs and constructs saltwater disposal facilities including the casing, wellheads and pumps. We know that failed equipment can be devastating to a production site, and we strive to limit and reduce the amount of failures by preventative maintenance. Regular maintenance can minimize overall expenses and maximize production by resolving minor issues before they become catastrophic.

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GEM now offers turnkey salt water disposal facility design and construction to clients.  This solution is efficient and allows for no downtime in production.